Farmers & Chefs: Good Together

This New York Times article talks about how farmers are the ones bringing the “star ingredients” to restaurants these days and, for this, we shout “hooray!” In our books, Flavor is King….or Queen, perhaps…either way, it rules and you can’t get flavour from a factory farm be it animal or vegetable.

At NoFo we work with farmers very closely. Molly is NoFo’s official farmer, growing and harvesting food for us and keeping us up to date on what is happening in the fields – what’s looking good, what’s struggling, what’s about to pop and what we’ve got to move fast on, because the season for foods is a fleeting one. Molly also helps us stay in close touch with other farmers in the valley so that we can get our hands on the food with the finest flavours – get it into our kitchen so that we can pass on that flavour and nutrition to you. Often times this food is not the prettiest, and this is important, because our consumption of food has become about as materialistic as anything else in our modern society. Farmers have trouble selling imperfect produce to stores and markets. A recent piece on PBS Newshour highlights the INSANE amount of food wasted because food is considered flawed to the human eye. This reckless waste in a current culture of the “starving obese” – people overeating on junk food yet who’s cells are dying for actual nutrients – is criminal. We all have the right to food that will nourish us, sustain life and enhance our quality of living. So, let’s let the farmers, the real food experts in our communities, tell us, the consumers, what foods should be trending and“hot” in the restaurant world and beyond – it’ll be doing us all a favour.
– Meg