Our Story


We are revamping – stay tuned.  Wishing everyone a delicious, healthy summer ’17!

NoFo Food began with a deep belief that caring for our food system is at the heart of caring for our selves, each other and our planet. We are a group of friends, farmers, chefs, nutritionists, artists, entrepreneurs and community members in Colorado’s North Fork Valley – home to the highest number of organic and chemical-free farms in the state.

Our Mission Statement:

  • to grow and raise excellent quality whole foods in the north fork valley & to work with other farmers who are doing the same
  • to use these foods to make delicious, healthy and fun food products for the home kitchen.
  • to create an event space to host, feed and entertain
  • to strengthen the relationship between farmers and chefs. to cook in rhythm with the seasons. to honour the natural wisdom at play